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Whether you need fuel for your truck or car, our broad range offers something for everyone on the Island of Jamaica. We offer automotive diesel oil at affordable prices at all locations to preserve engine life and reduce carbon emissions, switch to our environmentally-friendly ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel.



We stock power batteries for cars, buses, trucks and heavy duty vehicles. Rely on our batteries to gain maximum performance. Make your rides great with faster starts and brighter lights. UNIPET batteries are designed using the latest in automotive technology. Select from our vast range of car batteries to power your drive.

car battery
Automotive Transmission Fluid

Full Product Range

We distribute E10 87, E10-90, Automotive Diesel Oil, Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD), Engine Oil, Automotive Transmission Fluid, Automotive Batteries, LPG Cooking Gas.

Convenience Store Items

Beyond fuel and automotive supplies, you can stop by any of our service stations for snacks, beverages and an extensive line of convenience items. Whatever is on your wish list, we have it available for you on the go. Our service stations offers excellence to meet your last minute shopping requirements. Pick up everything you need today.

Enjoy quick fill up with fuel while shopping for those essentials.

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